The Prometheans

The Prometheans with award-winning film director Shaun O’Connor

The Prometheans are a group of 30 students that are involved in the arts in Hamilton High School, from 1st to 6th Year.

The Prometheans have undertaken numerous artistic initiatives in the school.

We set up a new library in the school, which helps encourage students from all years to read more, especially in this modern age of technology.

We set up the annual Be Inspired Awards for Hamilton High School, which recognised the talents of creative students in the school across various categories (creative writing, photography, art and music).

The Prometheans are setting up a website to compile the work of our members and all students for all to appreciate. We hope that such a forum will allow students the opportunities express their creative talents.

Finally, the Prometheans are producing a documentary on Hamilton High School itself and its rich history. We were supported in this endeavour by the NAPD, who helped us out with a grant to get the documentary off the ground.

The Prometheans hope that in the future Hamilton High School students continue to express themselves and inspire others to also develop their creative talents, which are just as necessary in the modern world as they have ever been before.

“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

― Bob Ross

By Gerald O’Donovan and Joseph Dennehy, Senior Editors.



Ethan Roberts

Jackie Chong

Krill Kaorpov

Tom Cullen

Adrian Toma

Robert Gigiano

Kevin Dart O’Flynn

Dara Ryan

Fionn Murphy

Liam Twomey

Paudie Hickey

Brian Mazur

Conor Galvin

Tim O’Sullivan

Marek O’Sullivan

Donagh Wilson

Michael Quinlan

Daniel O’Mahony

Paddy O’Harroran


Adam Giles

Eoin O’Donnell

Liam Ó Donnchadha

Olan Corcoran

Gerald O’Donovan

Joseph Dennehy

Jack Lucey

Uisliú Ó Hickey

Brian Dineen