Be Inspired Awards


B.Row. –Mr. C. Collins, Adam Giles, Eoin O’Donnell, Aodh Ó Gallchóir, Joseph Dennehy, Gerald O’Donovan, Mr. E. O’Brien

F.Row.-Paddy O’Halloran, Hugh O’Mahony, Krill Kaorpov, Dara Ryan, Jack Cullen.


Senior – Photography

Joseph Dennehy 5th Year

“I love the layered composition, the use of shape and colour. It’s also slightly abstract, you need to look at it for a while before you understand what’s in the shot. Really nice work”

–Photographer and Film Director Shaun O’Connor

Junior – Photography

Jack Cullen 2nd Year

“Evocative choice of subject, interesting composition, great use of black and white. And the sun flare on the top right is eye-catching too. Great work.”

Photographer and Film Director Shaun O’Connor

Senior – Art

Eoin O’Donnell  4th Year

“Beautiful, evocative, atmospheric pencil drawing showing a perfect sense of perspective and depth –stunning.”

–Artist Una Collins

Junior – Art

Krill Kaorpov 1st Year

“Very skilled use of felt-tip pen to create shading and contrast. An aesthetically pleasing work, doing justice to the interesting architecture. Wonderful.”

–Artist Úna Collins


Senior – Music

Adam Giles 4th Year

“Wonderful original composition has a very organic development of its melody and accompanying chords and could easily make for a modern pop song fit for radio accompanied by vocals. –A great piece.”

–Musican and Film Composer P.J. Rankin

Junior – Music

Paddy O’Halloran 3rd Year

“This is a very accomplished take on I giorni by Ludovico Einaudi with interesting trills and musical variations in the phrasing too. A great submission.”

–Musican and Film Composer P.J. Rankin

Senior – Poetry & Lyrics

Aodh Ó Gallchóir 5th Year

“A clever and enjoyable poem –one sure to be loved by anyone who’s ever made a speech. The rhyme scheme and rhythm both remind me of one of my favourite modern poets, Clive James. Excellent.”

–Author Ciarán Collins


Junior – Poetry & Lyrics

Hugh O’Mahony 1st Year

“Lovely, playful poem, showing a mature confidence in the form. Clever use of personification of those clouds before that last line which will give all Irish people a laugh.”

Author Ciarán Collins

Senior – Writing

Gerald O’Donovan 5th Year

“This short story has it all –pacing, atmosphere, superb evocation of time and place, suspense, characters and technical inventiveness. The maturity and skill of Gerald’s writing is exceptional. Brilliant stuff.”

-Author Ciarán Collins

Junior – Writing

Dara Ryan 1K

“Dara’s use of language in highly impressive in this unusual, fascinating, surreal encounter between a boy and an all-powerful magician. It is also an interesting exploration of the corrupting influence of power. A very original and well-executed piece.

-Author Ciarán Collins


Winning entries are posted on the relevant art form’s page on this site. 

The Judges

PHOTOGRAPHY: Shaun O’Connor is an awarding-winning photographer and film director, whose exhibitions and films have had huge success at home and abroad.

ART: Úna Collins is a very successful local artist who trained in Mallow College of Art and Design and the Crawford. She has held several exhibitions of her work in Cork and has been invited to show work in various galleries around the country.

MUSIC: P.J. Rankin is a well-known musician and highly sought-after composer who works mostly in the film industry.

POETRY/WRITING: I (Ciarán Collins) am mainly known for my novel The Gamal which was published by Bloombury (2013)