Film-editing with director Shaun O’Connor

Today the Prometheans were treated to a brilliant film-editing workshop by award-winning film director and school NAPD Creative Engagement partnership artist Shaun O’Connor. Such an entertaining and informative session -thanks Shaun!

Stay tuned for the podcast!

#StayHome Creativity Ideas

Thank you to all contributing teachers and students




This is a good video tutorial on Chasing Cars that the lads have been learning in the Prometheans guitar lessons, with Mr. O’Sullivan, Ms L. O’Donovan and Mr. McWalters
If you weren’t able to join in school, maybe you’d like to try it now. It would be a good time to take it up, if you have a guitar. It’s great way to pass the time in an enjoyable way.
In the Google Classroom you’ll find the accompanying handouts that Ms O’Donovan made out. It’s basically just three chords. Great choice of song to start with.

These lesson were highly recommended by a student.


Classical Music Archive

Music Reviews:

Opera: The New York Metropolitan Opera is going to have * free streams *. Each night at 7:30 pm EST a new opera will be shown, and will be available for 20 hours. The page is * *
This week’s schedule:
– Monday: Carmen
– Tuesday: La Boheme
– Wednesday: Il Trovatore
– Thursday: La Traviata
– Friday: La Fille du Regiment
– Saturday: Lucia di Lammermoor
– Sunday: Eugene Onegin

The Berlin Philharmonic opens its home, the Philarmonie, for free, due to the coronavirus epidemic that is ravaging the planet, the Berlin Philharmonic has decided to counter this forced silence by allowing free access to its Digital Concert Hall for one month vd5PsY9bF9QTeJ30IRscWVT_4c

In case someone is bored and does not know what to do at home, there are a whole series of initiatives underway:

• Festival I stay at home and quarantine fest: many artists through their Instagram profiles will do live shows of about 30 min as if it were a private acoustic concert. The schedules: 96115714?s=20

• You can also watch theater online, these are the available works:


• Some authors, such as the cartoonist El Torres or the authors of El bosque have uploaded all their books / comics for free for those who want to enjoy them, the same has been done by your favorite author * https: // /status / 1238204925550657536? S = 08,*

Free audio books for kids and teenagers while schools are closed:

This is a really great opportunity for the writers among you.

You should definitely enter this:

Short Story Competition

Fighting Words is a great resource and they want your stories


Anyone who has an interest in vfx or just film making in general should definitely check out Chris Connor on YouTube (link above). He has quite a few tutorials on how to create some awesome looking effects and he has a “Filmmaker reacts” series covering some amazing short film and scenes.

40 Day Film School With Mark Cousins

• If you are a member of the library you have the possibility of accessing the catalog of efilm, a Netflix of the bibles, each community has its own catalog:


One for the artists among us:


Sometimes we forget the role that research plays in the creation and inspiration of great art. Check out these great sites

Glasnevin Cemetery

Smithsonian Museums

History Ireland site

History Extra

Short Story -Riven of a Thousand Voices by Ethan Roberts

The migthy Athamkara could grand wishes for whatever you wanted and all they want in return is a favour. The first thing you might ask yourself is, “What are Athamkara and where do they come from?” My friend, I will answer all of your questions in time but you must listen to me as I am going to tell you a story about one Athamkara in particular.

This Athamkara is the last Athamkara that we know of. The Athamkara’s name is Riven, Riven of a Thousand Voices. Only few fireteams have braved the journey to defeating Riven and have never been seen since, all except for one fireteam.

The Athamkara are wish dragons and Riven’s final wish is to be killed. This fireteam had passed all of the steps to defeating Riven and they killed her. Eons passed and fireteams from thourghout the universe had taken on Riven and defeated her, but you ask, “If Riven’s final wish was to be killed then why does she keep coming back to life?”I will answer this question.

Riven can never die no matter what and her final wish was to be immortal. The fireteams had to venture deep and far into the dreaming city to find and defeat Riven. Many people to this day still have to confront Riven and they are scared of that name. It sends a shiver down some people’s spine just like when they hear the name Oryx or Corta. You may wonder why people did this and sacrificed their lives? They did this because long before Riven was killed, a king named Oryx who was the taken king and the father of Corta stood and had almost wiped out the human race.

More guardians took it upon themselves to defeat Oryx. The vanguard and others thought that Riven might do the same so they needed her killed. After this a long time has passed and it has been peaceful, but we fear that demons are rising on the moon and we are watching just in case, but for now we live in peace and we hope it stays this way for a long, long time.


The Speech

My heart starts beating faster,

A flushness takes my face,

Flashes of disaster,

My pulse a rapid pace.

The sweat on my brow thickens,

My tie feels like a noose,

A seconds length is quickened,

My stature is reduced.

Hands filled with tremble,

A blur covers my notes,

No words do I assemble,

A lump within my throat.

So many eyes upon me,

Do they see my anxious state?

Their silence blocks my helpless plea,

They’ve doomed me to my fate.

But as I start to speak,

I feel a blissful calm,

The redness leaves my cheek,

My fate no longer damned.

My words are without flaw,

Closing line I finally reach,

I hear the crowd applaud,

And so I end my speech.

By Aodh Ó Gallchóir

The Weather

Soar, soar, birds are soaring

Clouds, clouds, clouds are roaring

Rain, rain, rain is pouring

Soar, soar, birds still soaring

Clouds, clouds, clouds still roaring,

Does the rain ever stop pouring?

By Hugh O’Mahony